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Fine Oriental Rug

Fine Oriental Rug Sales in Hillsdale

At Jafri Rugs, we provide high-quality hand-crafted wool and silk Oriental rugs from various countries, including Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, India, China, Nepal, and Tibet. We also carry Kelims, hooked needlepoint rugs, and hand-loomed tapestries for Kerhonkson and Capital Region customers.

As direct importers of the world's finest textiles, we maintain a multi-million-dollar inventory of hand-crafted rugs. So if you live in Arlington, Cohoes, Plymouth, and the surrounding cities of Hillsdale, get an appointment with us. Our expert team of professionals also provides free pick-up services and delivers your precious rug after completing all the necessary work.

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Traditional Rugs

  • Characterized by timeless designs and patterns.
  • Crafted using traditional weaving techniques.
  • Features classic motifs, intricate details, and a rich color palette.

Contemporary Rugs

  • Complement modern living spaces.
  • Inspired by modern design aesthetics.
  • Features innovative patterns, bold colors, and abstract shapes.

European Rugs

  • Showcase regional design elements.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Include traditional motifs from France, Italy, and Spain.

Transitional Rugs

  • Bridge traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Incorporate traditional patterns with a modern color palette.
  • Adaptable to various interior design preferences.

Choose Jafri Rugs for a Reliable Oriental Rug Service

Jafri Oriental Rugs offers personalized home and business design consultations, catering to individual aesthetics, décor needs, and budget constraints. We have the largest collection of oriental and handcrafted rugs in Hillsdale. To experience the true beauty of rugs, rely on us.

Our classic collection features a knot-count density of 300-to-400 knots per square inch, while their silk-on-silk Qum and Tabriz rugs have 800-to-1,000 knots per square inch, making them museum-quality pieces. We also have custom-cut padding available for rug protection purposes and offer insurance appraisals for our delighted customers. To get more information about our service, call us today.


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April 21, 2023 | Hillsdale, NY

Humza Jafri sold this client a rug from the Jafri Modern collection. The rug is made with wool and silk and its colors are gray, red, yellow and orange and black. The rug is being used for an informal dining area where there is a bar in the basement.

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This is by far the best rug store/cleaner in the area. All of their rugs are one of a kind and all imported from...Read more about Sean Garrity reviewRead More

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Mr Jafri is a pleasure to do business with. His workers have cleaned and repaired several of my rugs...Read more about Dorothy Matthews reviewRead More

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I like oriental carpets. One can buy very good machine-made rugs in the ancient patterns (they come from...Read more about Donald Jenner reviewRead More

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I bless the day I found Mr Jafri. As one who has collected rugs for 50 years, I both learned about their value...Read more about johanna hall reviewRead More

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