Job completed for Customer in Millbrook, NY

Completion date: March 16, 2023

Location: Millbrook, NY

Why did the customer contact us?

This client came in looking for a William Morris rug in 8'x10'.

Solutions provided:

Humza Jafri sold this client an 8'x'10' rug for their home that was in the Victorian era. This rug is a timeless rug from the Arts and Crafts movement and is in black, gold, olive and sage. The rug itself is made in India and took a year to make. These pieces are no longer in production as the loom that makes this rug has shut down.

Photos & Videos:

8'x10' living room rug
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8'x10' living room rug
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This is by far the best rug store/cleaner in the area. All of their rugs are one of a kind and all imported from...Read more about Sean Garrity reviewRead More

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Mr Jafri is a pleasure to do business with. His workers have cleaned and repaired several of my rugs...Read more about Dorothy Matthews reviewRead More

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I like oriental carpets. One can buy very good machine-made rugs in the ancient patterns (they come from...Read more about Donald Jenner reviewRead More

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I bless the day I found Mr Jafri. As one who has collected rugs for 50 years, I both learned about their value...Read more about johanna hall reviewRead More

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